Wednesday, April 9, 2008

About the Heine's

Well I don't have much time to write things down about us. We are doing great. Not to many things have happened in our lives lately. I go to gym Monday - Friday, or at least I try to go that much. I've been doing good at the gym. My kids go to the kids club while I work out. We have also been walking to the gym because we live so close to the gym.

Well Taylor is doing good with her school twice a week leaning how to talk or trying to get her words out so we know what she wants. We are also working on the potty training and that is some work. Taylor loves to play with neighbor kids and her brother. Or should I say boss her brother around. Even though she doesn't talk she can she be a little boss.

Bryson is all over the place. He crawls every where and is standing up by the chairs what ever he can pull him self up on. I give a few more weeks and he will be walking. Then he will really be able to do what ever his sister is doing. Bryson wants do do everything she is doing and soon he will be able to. Taylor will have her hands full.
David is still working at Sunbelt rentals and works all the time. I'm so glad he does. That way I can stay home with my babies and get to see everything they do. I'm very thankful for all his hard work.

Here are s
ome pictures of the kids.